Bringing Value Back To Mobile Home Loans and our dedicated team of manufactured home agents, processors, managers and executive staff are completely dedicated to providing superior customer service, additional product offerings and better living conditions throughout America's mobile home and manufactured home communities. We have long believed the manufactured housing industry needs change: change in lending practices, change in new home manufacturing, change in park security and rent control and most of all change within the United States government to adopt more complete manufactured housing assistance programs, park standards and incentive based rewards for manufactures, lenders and
builders.  is committed to be that voice. We need your assistance however....for we are more powerful if we speak as one voice, change as one group, lead as one community and forever improve as one team.
Experience: Founded in 1999, has processed and funded thousands of mobile home loans.
Customer Service: We are only as good as our last clients says we are. That's why with every customer we'll move mountains for the privilege to be your lender. With caring staff, 24 hour customer service & online account management we intend to move mountains for you for years to come.
Financial Resources: is a national lender drawing upon over 4 billion in investment capital for our clients needs.
Track Record: You don't get to be a proud AAA rated Better Business Bureau company by doing things the wrong way. We intend to keep it that way.
Community Support: We have a larger responsibility to support our clients long after the transaction is done. Please visit our Park Crime Prevention Page to join us in keeping our park communities safe and crime free; Also As rent control advocates, no one is more out spoken
about keeping our parks free of exuberant & predatory rent increases.
Technology: With an eye on the future, our client management services are second to none. Our award winning online operations coupled with 24 live customer service, automated bill pay and rate decrease notifications we stand at the forefront of mobile home financing & it’s long awaited technological revolution.
Hands On: There are no substitutions for rolling up the sleeves to get the job done right. That's why each client is assigned a proven & considerate account executive to oversee the loan transaction from start to finish. This is your guy or gal in the trenches with their "hands on" approach.
Accountability: Each staff member is 100% accountable to you and your needs. Whether the loan has unforeseen difficulties, or tough measures need to be taken, our staff from the president on down will always field your calls and/or concerns.
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